Concepts for an interactive feature wall inside the lobby of a new residential development in Montreal.
HEAVEN SWIM: A white plexiglas is set behind the semi transparent mirror. The room between the plexiglas and the mirror will contain feathers lying like a landscape. Blowers installed along the pool between the plexiglas and the mirror will create the turbulence that will swirl the feathers around. RGB LED lights installed behind the plexiglas illuminate the feathers in a variety of colors. A series of thermal cameras installed on the ceiling track the movement of the swimmers in the pool. The feathers are blown up according to the position of the swimmer. If the user decides to swim faster or more people decide to join in, the blowing and lighting effect increase
INTERACTIVE RAIN CHANDELIER: An audiovisual installation using LED lights, mirrors and directional speakers recreates the experience of swimming in the rain. The semi transparent mirror of the feature wall will be used as a base for a series of infinite mirrors that creates an illusion of infinite depth. In order to create the effect of rain, multiple LED lights hang between the mirrors. The hanging LEDs turn on and off in sequence following the path of the swimmer(s), recreating the motion of rain drops. The light drops are infinitely reflected and their intensity control the visible depth of the infinite mirror. Thermal cameras installed on the ceiling track the movement of the swimmers. Directional speakers along the pool target the swimmers in the pool with the sound of rain.
Interactive feature wall / Montreal, commissioned by Yoo 
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